Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor Round Up

WARNING: Snark will follow.

1. I like Jason. I think he has some weird expressions and he's not the hottest bachelor ever, but he seems like a nice man. I must note however, that the man cannot dress. What is up with the pencil thin ties and leather vests that he constantly wears?

2. Nikki- She thinks she's hot, she thinks so super smart, but I think she has really weird side burns. I'm glad she was cut, her sideburns were driving me crazy. Plus, she showed way too much boobage everyday.

p.s. she cries too much.

3. Stephanie- She's nice and all, she's got a nice body, she seems fun, but she says thank-you far too much for my liking.

4. Shannon- That girl was whack. Thank the lord she was cut. I was sick of her ugly dresses (seriously, they should check what the girls pack) and her smile reminded me of the chesire cat.

5. Megan- Do I have to say anything at all?

6. Naomi- I find her a little strange. She looks like someone that I know, but I can't place her. I'm afraid of her mouth. She could eat me.

7. Lauren- Another whack job. She was so not the right one for him.

8. Jillian- I think she's way too skinny and she's kinda bland. I'm worried about her future.

9. Molly- She's alright, I like to watch 27 year olds doing the walk of shame. Tragic.

10. Melissa- She's alright, but I hold the Cowboys cheerleader thing against her.

Seriously, I cannot even imagine who is going to be in the final three. To be honest, I don't think any of these girls mesh all that well with Jason.

Who do you think it's going to be?


Anonymous said...

haha. i love this update. Thank you for catching me up on all the girls. I havent been able to watch it often with work and school, but I do plan on catching this wks online so I'll keep this post handy in order to tell the girls apart :)

Kim said...

Ok, totally random and I'm sorry for not answering you a few days ago...I really am still recovering from the show on Sunday!

We are using EgoMedia Photography and Great Expectations by Inka Florist. I would highly recommend both of them. Both are local out of Annapolis, but will travel.

Heather said...

I think Naomi looks like Eva Mendes. I agree with you on Nikki - plus she got so negative and whined a lot. I think Molly, Melissa, and Jillian will be the final 3. Then I think he will cut Jillian b/c he just thinks of her as a friend. I think he will eventually select Melissa or Molly. But it is hard to say. I have also wondered whether Stephanie (who seems like such a sweetheart) is older than he is, which might be a little unusual. Heather from grace303.blogspot.com