Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Boston, here I come!

You may remember my "work" trip to New Orleans last year.

This year, the convention is being held in Boston. In February.

I've been hemming and hawing about it for months now. I obviously enjoy any get out of work free pass that I can get, but the thought of Boston in February is not quite as enticing as New Orleans in February (goodbye 70 degree weather, hello 3452343 feet of snow).

Seeing as though I'm from Boston, and spent my most formative years there (college, duh & early twenties) I felt a little more obligated to make the trip.

Things all fell in to place when I learned that a grant was going to pay for my airfare and hotel.

Shit. I'll endure 23452343 feet of snow and Boston in the winter for a free trip during the work week.

The best part of it all- two of my bridesmaids (who share my profession) are going to fly up with me and stay in my free room.

They are the same two bridesmaids who went to New Orleans with me.

We keep telling ourselves, it will be like New Orleans. Only 23943729432743 degrees colder.

I know I sound like a wuss (considering I was born there and lived there for seven years)

But I've lived here for 3 now and let's face it. We live in Maryland. We'll be happy if we see a snow flake this winter.


Laura said...

yay Maryland! we did have snow, but it was a *warm* snow.

Jackie said...

I went to New Orleans last year too and had an awesome time. My cohort had a grant to go so we didn't pay for was awesome! I won't be going to Boston this year because I'm now poor (gah, DC is expensive!), but I am sure you will have lots of fun!