Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coming Back

Coming back to work after a long weekend sucks.  It really, really sucks.  I cannot tell you how bad I did not want to get out of bed.  I cannot even begin to describe how jealous I am that my cute little fiance is off today and most likely still lounging in his pajamas because he works in D.C. and cannot get in.
For a few minutes there last night, there was actually a winter weather advisory.  I was hoping for a snow day, but let's be realistic--  If you've been reading my blog since last winter you know that I am very rarely that lucky (with snow days). 
Anyways, my weekend was fabulous-- as most weekends away are!
Me, the Fiance, three of my bridesmaids, and their significant others rented a gorgeous condo near Deep Creek for a little ski trip.  We arrived on Friday afternoon and didn't leave until Monday morning.  I must say, I did not want to leave!
I had fun sitting in the hot tub, having drinks with friends, playing board games, making huge dinners, and just hanging out with some really great friends.   I did actually go skiing as well, but I'm not the biggest fan of skiing so it wasn't really the highlight of my trip.  I fell down a lot, I was sore, it was cold-- freezing actually, and it set me back the cost of a new outfit. 
Other highlights of the trip include seeing and playing in actual snow.  Real snow! Not .07723 inches of snow like I would see here in Eastern, Maryland.  We had at least 6 inches and big, fat flakes falling from the sky pretty consistently throughout the entire weekend.
The other highlight--- OBVIOUSLY-- watching the Steelers beat some Raven Booty!  Things were a little tense for awhile-- especially since I was stuck in a condo with a Raven's fan- but we pulled it off and my team won! 


Whitney said...

Thanks for entering my post!
I am so with you on the going back to work thing - and the Steelers!!!! We are taking the SuperBowl!!!!!!

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