Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hot Damn. The Bachelor

I swear, I'm one of the few (okay, four) people left in the United States that watches the Bachelor religiously.

Trista is my home girl.

Jason- granted he's no Travis Stork (a previous bachelor- a.k.a. my Doctor Daddy)- is a cutie and I'm still super excited about the new season of the bachelor.

Last night was very exciting and very entertaining. I must admit that I don't particularly think that any of these girls are Jason's type- but I get a kick out of watching girls act tragically.

No, I'm not a woman hater, but if you go on the Bachelor, you are giving me free reign to diss you and all of the tragic things that you do and say.

For example- the dental hygienist (whatever her name is).

She looks cute and sweet- and then she rattles off little known facts about Jason (to his face---- GASP). If I were him, I would have cut that rope loose last night.

I'm looking forward to seeing what Deanna has to say when she slyly drops in during one of the future episodes. I used to think that she was cute and fun- then she picked Jesse (gross). I actually forgave her for picking Jesse and then she dumped his ass. You may think that I would be happy about that, but I feel exactly the opposite.

She spent all season talking about how she was different. How she guaranteed that her relationship would last unlike the other bachelor contestants. She met with Trista and Ryan and talked about how she would be just like them. She made a website counting down the days to the wedding and then she goes and drops him like a bad habit.

Considering the reputation, I should hate this show. But, I can't. It's too good.

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