Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Review

I had my last review/observation of the school year yesterday.

The one where my real boss (not principal) observes me. I was super nervous about it. I'm a school psychologist and I did something out of the ordinary for my review.

You see, I was trained in Massachusetts (where I'm from), and in Massachusetts, it's not uncommon to have one school psychologist for a school of 200 kids. In fact, many schools in MA forgo guidance counselors altogether, because a school psychologist is trained in guidance and in assessment. We give them more bang for their buck (nothing against guidance counselors, ya'll are my homegirls). Anyways, since I trained doing whole class lessons and doing a lot of counseling, it's kind of my forte.

Here in Maryland, a school psychologist is lucky to have three schools and their caseload is ALWAYS in the 1,000 students range. As a result, I test and place (at least half the time).

Anyways, enough of the boring story that most of you don't care about....

For my observation, I decided to do a whole group lesson on bullying and being assertive. Sounds simple right? Well I decided to do it for a group of 21 preschoolers and 5 ECI students (ECI students are developmentally delayed and low functioning).

It sounded like a good idea a few months ago when I planned it. But then the week of ---I was dreading it. How was I going to entertain 26 three and four year olds?

Well, I rocked it. Seriously, I was awesome.

The kids were attentive and my boss was beaming. She even told me that I was very brave to take that on and spent 2 minutes telling me what a great job that I did (that's big for her).

I came home feeling thrilled.

I was also able to talk to her about how this year has been going. She asked and I was honest. It's been hard-- it's hard to have a principal that hates you. It's even harder to know that she would prefer that someone else was in my position. I expressed that to my boss and she said she knew. HA. So apparently my assumptions and the rumors are true. I almost panicked at that moment and I am dying to know what she has been saying about me. Of course the boss lady couldn't share but she assured me that she likes me and that I would not be fired.

I really, really hope that is the case.


Anonymous said...

Yay! GO Ashley!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Yay! That is awesome and I am sure that you felt great!

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