Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Wedding

I wish I had more to write about wedding planning.

I've seen the movies, I watch WE T.V.

Aren't women supposed to be going crazy over the planning? Aren't we supposed to have too much to do and get a little stressed?

So far, things haven't been that bad at all. In fact, they've been pretty chill.

So chill that i'm seriously afraid that i've forgotten something huge! Something important! Something that should have been done yesterday!

I still have a little less than 9 months until our wedding and i've already finished/aquired/planned the following

1. The dress. It's so picked, it's so purchased, and it's so beautiful.

2. The venue. We've selected it, we've put down the deposit and I think that my dad has blocked off the rooms.

3. The invitations, save the dates, and thank-you cards have been purchased (not sent yet-- fiance still needs to collect addresses).

4. The church. It's booked and we've started to select our readings.

5. The bridesmaid dresses are selected-- we just need to order them, but i'm giving it more time.

6. My shoes-- I've got them!

7. The photographer has been booked

8. The D.J. is selected and booked

9. The favors have been selected (caramel apples with peanut topping)

10. The placecards have been purchased (no names yet)

11. The centerpieces have been purchased (or at least parts of them---80% off after thanksgiving sale).

Now what the heck am I missing? I feel like I should be stressed, but that this is too easy!

I know about transportation and flowers- but I'm thinking that i'm a little far out to be planning all of that.

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Yay, for all the things you already have done!