Thursday, February 12, 2009

Attitude Problem

I have had an attitude problem today.

But I don't care.

Today sucked at work. It was stressful, people were being mean, parents and kids were freaking out, I had several very long meetings. It just WAS NOT fun.

Anyways, I know that I had decided to stop posting about work because there appears to be a work troll stalking my blog, but I'm over it. I can't contain myself.

At my one school we have a VERY passive aggressive staff member. I don't think she knows that everyone thinks she's passive aggressive and that we have caught on to her, but we have. Trust me. I'm certainly not the only one that has noticed.

Well, I think passive aggressive people suck. Just say what you feel, don't putz around. Or you could take my approach- shut your mouth, smile and let people walk all over you.

Well today, I was fed up with it.

Miss PA (passive aggressive) rushed into my office earlier this week requesting me to send home an ADHD scale, score it and write the report within 2 days.

I can be a pushover so I said yes. I gave her the report and told her the diagnosis that I had made.

End of story right?

Well today she emailed me to tell me that I had to present the report to the parents (I can't, I have a doctors appointment that day).

I asked her if this was a new rule, that the psychologist has to present results at 504 meetings.

She wrote back and CC'ed the freaking principal. (One thing that I hate more than people that are passive aggressive is people that CC other peoples' bosses. How immature). She wrote that she told me that she talked to the principal about it and the principal wants me to present the results too. She also told me that I COULD TAKE IT UP with the principal if I had a problem with it.

Oh no you didn't. Homey don't play that.

Normally, I would let it slide, but my day was so shitty that I wrote back-feeling quite pissed- and CC'ed the principal (because two can play this game).

I'm kind of regretting it now. Here is my exact email (with key information taken out), tell me if I took it too far..........

(be honest, I may have. That's what happens when you piss me off).

I'm sorry it took me some time to respond, I wanted to investigate the 504 process more and speak with Mrs HeadOf504Plans regarding my role etc., before I got back to you.

I was honestly confused and I thought that it was a legitimate rule that I was unaware of (I'm definitely not a 504 expert). I did not realize that the problem was that you did not feel comfortable presenting the results-- otherwise I would have been fine with it. That is why I questioned it in the first email.

I had assumed that you had already met with the parents and had discussed your concerns about attention problems (since I only had one week to complete the entire evaluation), as I thought was the rule with 504 plans. Legally, we are supposed to hold a meeting and obtain permission to assess, present concerns and speak with the parents before just sending home an ADHD checklist. I was under the impression that all of this was done as good practice. Although I do not need to attend the 504 meetings granting consent, I would like some warning about them to avoid similar confusion from now on (all forms can be accessed from blackboard- including the form titled "consent for 504 evaluation").

Just to clarify, since there appears to be some confusion, from now on I am unable to just hand out Attention/Deficit rating scales, as mandated by Mr. HeadOfSchoolPsych, without written permission from the parents (obtained in person during a meeting) and without an observation report completed by someone other than myself indicating a need for a 504 plan and attention screening.

I will present the results, but I'm unsure as to when I will be able to do so. I will try to call mom to set up an appointment tomorrow from MyOtherSchool.

I will attempt to meet with her on Wednesday, but I am out next Tuesday (2/16) and I am out the following Tues AND Weds (2/24 and 2/25) because the InsertRandomGovernmentAgencyHere is sending me to the InsertConferenceNameHere convention in InsertCityHere for the entire week. Both absences have been written in the meeting schedule book since December 2008.


Miss. Very Pissed off Crazy Cat Lady


Jackie said...

Good for you! I hate passive aggressive people too.Your email is fine in my book and gets the point across that you did what you had to but aren't going to let crap like that happen again. Plus it was professional! You go girl :)

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

In all honesty, I don't think you took it too far. People need to remember that you work at multiple schools AND you have huge caseloads to boot. Please tell me that Ms. PA is not a special educator, because if she is.. she should be fired for not following the LAW. Ugh. People.

Lisa said...

I thought your email was great. I had an attitude problem at work today too and any emails I sent out like this would have looked much different and definitely much less...professional.

Mrs. S. said...

I don't think that was taking it too far. Sometimes people want you at their beck and call and it just isn't right. Then on top of it, that whole 504 process is really tricky and I would want a discussion before I sat down with a parent, too. Weird. I hope that your principal is understanding and will help to sort out this problem. Good luck and have a happy Friday!

Sherrie said...

I think it sounded fine. I am a teacher and it drives me batty when I get some four page form that needs to be filled out like yesterday. I get so frustrated that I have to suffer because someone else is slacking off or disorganized.