Friday, February 20, 2009

Engagement Photos Part One!

Remember last weekend- you know- when I spent 3 hours outside freezing my butt off?

Well, I think that it was worth it. The engagement pictures came out fabulously. I actually have about 30 that came out nicely, but I'll give you a sneak preview of 4 (blogger is taking far too long to upload anymore than that right now and my patience is wearing thin- although the pictures were worth it, the cold that quickly followed sucks).

Here are a few, I can't even say if they are my favorites, because I love them all far too much to decide.

The best part about it all-- is the fact that we got them done for free! My parents neighbor and close friend is a commercial photographer and he actually agreed to take the pictures for us. Our actual wedding photographer could have done them, but we'll do anything that we can to save a buck at this time (hello expensive honeymoon and wedding rings that need to be purchased).

If things go as planned, we'll have the save the dates sent out (at least to those that live afar) by Monday. It's perfect timing really, because I leave for Boston on Tuesday and didn't want to leave the task of the fiance's shoulders.

So enjoy. Ooh and Ahh and tell us how awesome we are.

mmm k? Thanks!

I'm off to lounge on the couch. My nose is stuffed and I don't think the two glasses of wine at girls night last night helped one bit.


Nora said...

I love, love, love them! Your parents neighbor did an awesome job!

Megan said...

These look great! Congrats!! :)

Mrs. S. said...

I really like the second and last ones! Very cute!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I love the first one!

Darth Mama said...

I absolutely love number 3.