Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's already Sunday

What a nice little weekend I had.

On Friday, the fiance and I stayed in and watched a movie because we had to get up early on Saturday- we had a full day planned.

We met with our photographer on Saturday morning to discuss some details and to look at her albums. The fiance and I are so thrilled with her and we cannot wait to work with her on our wedding day. She's personable, she's from Pittsburgh (which means she's awesome) and she's an absolute hoot. Did I mention that although she's shot for Vogue and other various magazines, her prices are actually super reasonable and we can afford her. Seriously, it's fate.

After meeting with the photographer, we stopped by the fiance's parents house for lunch. After their house, we hit up his grandmothers.

On the way home we stopped at the jewelry store to pick out our wedding bands. We both knew what we wanted, but we wanted to get a price quote. The fiance designed the most perfect engagement ring for me, and because it is all prong set diamonds, I need to get a custom prong set wedding band (or a plain band).

Because I'm me, I don't want to go with the plain band. As a result, we had to pick out and price five additional diamonds for the wedding band. We were nervous about the pricing, because the fiance outdid himself with the engagement ring and for it to look perfect, we need five diamonds to round out the wedding band. I think that we're going to be able to do it and we both feel much better now that we know how much we actually have to save. Hopefully we'll be able to purchase both rings (mine and his) within the next few months.

{Luckily, wedding bands are much more affordable than engagement rings}.

After we returned home from our day out, we went online and we booked our honeymoon! We still have to get our flights, but we put down the deposit on our hotel room and we are officially hitting up Antigua and Barbuda for 7 nights. I cannot wait. We celebrated the moment with a champagne toast.

This is where things went downhill.

I love champagne. I seriously love it. I would drink it for breakfast in the form of a mimosa and It's quite honestly my favorite drink. Sadly, Champagne doesn't love me.

I have finally discovered that whenever I drink more than three glasses of champagne in one night, I'm hugging the toilet.

I've thrown up approximately four times in my entire life due to alcohol. Three of those occurrences were after 3+ glasses of champagne.

It's a pity really, I can drink 3 glasses of wine, I can down 6 beers and there isn't any vomit in sight. You provide me with my favorite drink, and it's all downhill from there.

Suffice to say, I had a rough night and morning so today was pretty low key. I dusted, I vacuumed, I did laundry and then we hit up an matinee showing of He's Just Not that Into you. Now, I'm exhausted and so ready for bed. I'm doing my best to stay up and prolong the time between now and when I hear my alarm clock alerting me that it's Monday.


In other news, The Cat's Pajamas is hosting a V'Day giveaway get over there, but cross your fingers that I'm the big winner =]


Unknown said...

sounds like a wonderful wedding weekend!

Lisa said...

I just stumbled to your blog - I think it's great! Perhaps because I can't drink 3+ glasses of champagne either. :)