Monday, February 2, 2009

A lovely little weekend!

On Friday, I had my dress fitting after work. My dress is just as beautiful as I remembered and I cannot wait to see it again. Unfortunately, I have to wait until June this time around!

After the fitting, I met a large group of friends out for happy hour and came home to play the Wii after that-- and to change into sweat pants. Now that is my kind of night.

On Saturday, we met some friends at the bowling alley and went midnight bowling. Nothing like sucking at bowling under strobe lights and loud music.

Then on Sunday, we headed to our friends' house for a Superbowl party. We ate a lot, I cheered on my boyfriends, and my boyfriends won the game! We toasted the win with some champagne and I was on an adrenaline high until well after midnight.

Suffice to say, I took today off. I could barely function at 7am this morning. My fabulous weekend quickly turned into a fabulous long weekend.

I've spent the day trying to come up with a persuasive excuse to turn Superbowl Sunday into Superbowl Saturday.