Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh My Bachelor!

What the heck just happened on the bachelor?

Yeah, I'm going to have some spoilers.

Turn your head if you haven't seen it yet.

You have had plenty of warnings.

Here goes....

What in the world? First off, I thought Deanna was coming back for this episode. I kept watching and watching and there wasn't a slight mention of her arrival.

In other news, it was the exotic fantasy date special. Yeah, New Zealand is great and all, but not exactly my idea of an exotic fantasy date location. I want sand, I want surf, I want massage oil. All of the dates seemed pretty lame if you ask me. Those are the types of activities that I would want to enjoy with my parents while on vacation- not my future husband (wink, wink).

Obviously, all three girls spent the night in the fantasy suite, obviously they all made out a lot, and obviously every girl told him that they were falling in love/or in love with him.

I wasn't even surprised that Jillian went home. Not even the slightest bit surprised. She seemed too methodical and didn't even tell him that she loved him in the television message before the rose ceremony.

I knew that it was going to come down to Melissa and Molly. Amazingly, I like them both and I don't even care who wins (well duh, I care- but I don't have a strong favorite, I like them both).

This is where I get nervous.

The scenes for next week show Jason making an almost suicidal leap off of the balcony, hysterically crying. The teaser for the after the final rose show actually states that they can't have an audience because something totally dramatic and super top secret happened- and that they need to ensure the privacy for those involved.

Seriously, what the heck could have happened? I need answers. I don't want to wait two weeks.


Jackie said...

I haven't watched this show for a few seasons, but now I want to know what happens in the last episode just based on your description of the next episode and ATFR show! So much drama!!

Jennifer said...

I am going to go crazy waiting to see what happens....I didn't watch the Bachelorette that he appeared in and have only the last few episodes of this Bachelor...but now I am hooked! I like Melissa better for him...him and Molly seem too strained in conversation...of course that could just be editing... I totally agree that the dates were lame. Ugh...I want to know who he chooses NOW!

Kembree said...

Aww, I liked Jillian. She was a cutie! Melissa is great, just seems so young-acting! I can't wait either..cute blog btw..