Monday, February 16, 2009

Sunday Wrap UP

I am so behind, but we had quite a Sunday

- I swear, when you get engaged, there's something that you have to do every single weekend.

On Sunday morning, the fiance and I met his mom, two sisters, god daughter, and brother in law at the mall. The fiance and brother in law headed off in one direction, and the girls went to task looking for a mother of the groom dress.

We found one that looked totally cute, but I'm not sure if my future mother in law was quite as impressed.

We managed to shop for an hour before the boys grew restless and it was time for lunch.

Boyfriend and I went directly from lunch to my parents house. We were meeting with a potential day of coordinator at 1:30 and it's apparently imperative that the bride attends that meeting.

Luckily, the girl seems fabulous and her references have checked out. Now my mom needs to convince my dad that we need her- she doesn't want to have to do all of the dirty work on the wedding day.

After meeting with the planner, my parent's neighbor took us out by the lake for our engagement photo session. People have been asking and asking about our save the dates, so we sucked it up, froze our asses off outside and posed for about 300 pictures. After the photo session we got to see all of the pictures and I'm so excited about so many of them! As soon as I get some copies you know that I'm going to post them!

After all of that, mom showed us the save the dates (we bought the cards at Michaels, she printed out the info in the insert). They are chocolate brown with a beautiful swirly design. We could have spent thousands on them, but I figured that most people would throw them in the trashcan after writing the date down on the calender, so I decided to take the more affordable route. Unfortunately, taking the more affordable route also causes a little bit more work. We discovered that my mom accidentally printed out all of the save the dates with the wrong wedding website. Oops.

As a result, we had to unstuff, reprint and restuff 100 inserts.

After all is said and done, we managed to finish them, they look great and now all that we need to do is choose a picture and mail them out. I hope to have them all addressed, with pictures inserted and in the mail by the end of February (did I mention that I'll be away- as in- not in the state of Maryland Mon-Fri next week?).

I have yet to determine if I'm going to send them to local guests. Does anyone have any insightful tips about that?


Stephanie said...

This post reminded me precisely WHY I hated planning my wedding.

Especially freezing my ass off for pictures.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

You won't believe how much free time you have after the wedding. Really. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

For the save-the-dates, I wouldn't worry too much about sending them locally. Think just the long distance invitees need a heads-up to plan flights and such. Anything you can do to save your sanity & $$ in wedding planning, where appropriate, is a good thing.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...
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Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mrs. S. said...

I would say that you got a lot accomplished this weekend. Wow! I would go ahead and send out the save the dates to everyone. They might want to see the photo of you two. It sounds like a smart idea to go the cheaper route on that. For our wedding we created our own postcard type invite and then got them printed at Kinkos. It cost us like $36 to print out almost 200 invites. Yeah, crazy! But since we went away to get married and we just wanted invites to the reception, we felt that was all we needed. Good luck getting everything done!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

What a busy day!

Anonymous said...

I would highly recommend sending the save the dates out to everyone! Especially if you plan to send them an invitation.

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