Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back Again...

..... with my Twilight play-by-play commentary.
I just finally finished Eclipse (I was distracted with wedding/house hunt). 
I have to say, I liked it better than New Moon (not as much as Twilight), but I've discovered a few things.....
- I'm really not a fan of Bella right now. 
- She's totally leading Jacob on and I find it VERY annoying.
- Listen girl, you're not that hot.  You have nothing on Rosalie and/or Alice.  As a result, you should NOT be stringing along two men.
- I know some people are on team Jacob.  I just think he's pathetic.  She doesn't like you.. get over her and stop making her head even bigger than it currently is.


Jackie said...

I agree with everything you say...with the exception of Jacob.

Bella is so annoying and over-dramatic! She should stop being a slore and pick one already.

I am not on Team Jacob, but I think he is acting like a typical teenager.

And I love how I talk about these books as if they are real people/vampires/werewolves.

Meg said...

All through the series I went from loving bella to disliking bella and back to hating.

This post makes me want to watch the movie again.

Jennifer said...

I honestly can't stand Edward, Bella or Jacob, lol...but I keep reading. I guess I just want to know what all the hype is over. Twilight I liked...New Moon...not so much and Eclipse...well...I have 200 pages left and I really just want it to end! I could have condensed the entire series into one book and been done with...I think it drags out too much. But, then again...I wouldn't have made a trillion dollars off of 4 books either!