Monday, March 9, 2009

Between You and Me

I borrowed this idea from Jackie over at Tales of a Northerner for my own wedding. The fiance and I purchased two of the Between Me and You, Honey journals to fill out between now and our wedding day.

The book is full of questions about our relationship and we plan to give them to one another (completed of course) on our wedding day. I cannot wait to read what the fiance has to say.

I also purchased the Daughter and Sister books (I don't think they read my blog) to fill out for my parents and sister. I'm going to give my parents the Daughter book at our rehearsal dinner as a thank-you gift for our wedding. Buying my parents a gift that they can enjoy is difficult, but I think they would love receiving a journal from me about my relationship with them. I'm going to give my sister the Sister book as a maid of honor gift.

What did you do for your family/MOH on your wedding day?


Jules said...

That book sounds great. I remember meeting with out pastor before the wedding and he had some very interesting questions for us that we would never have thought to ask. It definitely gave us a better understand of who we are and helped figure out why we do some of the things we do.

My parents are divorced, so I did different gifts. I got my mom a necklace to wear that day of the wedding and my dad a pocketwatch. I also framed an engagement picture for each of them.

Jackie said...

You guys will love this!

Robyn said...

What a great idea!! My sister gave me a similar journal type book for christmas this year and it made me cry. Definitely one of my most prized posessions ;)

Robyn said...
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Robyn said...
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Robyn said...
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Mrs. S. said...

I have never seen these before. I think that I might do some checking on this because I think that it might be a great idea for our wedding anniversary in December...hmmm...thanks for the idea! Ooooh, and a mother's day gift...awesome.

Anonymous said...

What great gift ideas!

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