Sunday, March 1, 2009


Man, oh Man, have I been MIA or what?

As you know, I left town for Boston on Tuesday afternoon. I traveled to Boston for the National School Psychologist convention with two of my bridesmaids (it's becoming our thing, we've done it for three years now).

Despite the fact that I was dreading reentering the northern tundra, I was looking forward to a week off of work without actually having to take the days off.

The plane ride to Boston was uneventful and we made it to the hotel without much of a hassle. The week was actually pretty nice-- I bought some new jeans (yay to no sales tax), I got some exercise (a lot of walking), I ate at some fabulous restaurants and I had an overall great time.

My bridesmaids and I actually attended several conference events (I am very proud to report), and we spent at least 4 hours each day at the conference. I'm not going to lie and tell you that the workshops interesting, but it was a great chance to earn some professional development CPD's.

Because I went to UMass for undergrad and Tufts for graduate school I ran into a lot of people that I knew. It was so fun to see everyone again, to talk about my wedding, and to get updates from everyone. The best part, I did not run into one single person that I didn't want to see.

On Wednesday night, I even got to reconnect with two of my roommates from college. I hardly ever see them anymore, but when we got together, we didn't skip a beat and it felt like old times. I was so glad to see them! There is nothing like sharing Mexican and margaritas with your two new (well semi-new) friends and some of your oldest friends.

Seeing them really made me miss Boston-- but maybe not enough to move back (Maryland is warmer, more affordable, and of course the fiance lives there).

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but hopefully one of my friends will send me some of theirs.


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