Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Cats

What happened to Sammy has me thinking a lot about my kitties.

Of course I'm sad to learn about Sammy's passing, but she wasn't really my dog and I haven't lived with her for about 9-10 years.

I am going to lose my shit when it's time for Snap and Sage to pass.

Seriously, I'll

The fiance seconds that notion (about me losing it, not him).


I'll pass on the condolences to my parents. They have two other dalmatians at home (under 2 years of age) that are sure to be keeping them busy and distracted.


Jackie said...

I can't even think about not having my dog around because I instantly well up. I thought I was weird. Glad I'm not alone!

Christina said...

I feel the same way. I have two kitties - one is about 7 and the other is 5. Occasionally, I get frustrated with them and wish they were banished to some other home that would take good care of them. But, for the most part, I adore and love them. It will kill me when they're gone.

Jules said...

So sorry about your parents dog. Losing a pet can feel like losing a person. They definitely become part of the family. I can't think about losing either of my dogs!

Aubrey said...

My fat cat is coming up on 10 years. I know what you mean when you talk about losing it. I hate to even think about it. LOL

Robyn said...

Yeah I know what you mean about losing it. Having pets is so great at the time but when they pass it is so painful that you almost wish you never got them in the first place. Too bad they can't live forever :(

Anonymous said...

You've been given an award!