Monday, March 16, 2009

Etsy Obsessed

I have been Etsy obsessed lately.

Seriously, Etsy is not only fun for regular people, but it's also a wedding planners (a.k.a. me- planning my own) dream site.

Truth be told, I can't really handle searching through pages and pages of stuff, but if you know what you're looking for it's actually quite easy to find it on etsy.

For example, I bought myself two pearl hairpins awhile back to wear in my hair on wedding day. They were less than 10 bucks and quite easy to find-- I just searched the term "pearl hairpins."

My latest obsession--- Etsy Alchemy.

Because I can't handle searching, I hit the custom button and put in a request for exactly what I want, offering to pay exactly what I want to pay.

I've already purchased several things from several fabulous sellers on Etsy....

My first Alchemy purchase-- all of the jewelry that I'm going to gift my bridesmaids with. I'm talking full sets and custom made earrings, necklaces and bracelets. I searched everywhere for champagne pearls and couldn't find them pre-made. I put in one request on Etsy and had 15 offers to make them within 24 hours.

I also put in a request for custom made stationary. Seriously, custom made stationary. I thought that I was asking for a lot (i.e. was never going to get it), but I offered to pay $30.00 for 75 custom made thank you notes with envelopes. Within 24 hours, 10 people had accepted my request.

I paid only 30 bucks to have the most beautiful monogrammed thank you cards (for after the wedding) made just for me AND while I was at it, I had 75 more cards made (with my name) for my bridal shower thank you notes.

Oh, and as a bonus-- my seller is going to preprint my return address on each and every envelope. 150 invites, 150 preprinted envelopes, 60 bucks.

I love Etsy.