Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy Crap!

I just finished watching the Bachelor Finale.


I'm too pissed to give you anymore warnings.

Granted, I knew exactly what was going to happen-- I've been stalking all of the gossip blogs for weeks, but I was praying that it wasn't true.

Jason Mesnick is the biggest asshole on the face of this earth.

I get his reasoning, you don't want to live with regrets, but don't go and pick the wrong girl in the first place.

Poor Melissa- I feel so terrible for her. I think that she was genuinely interested in Jason, and she reminds me a lot of myself- The kind of girl that will love some one and give them EVERYTHING no matter what (trust me, it's gotten me in trouble too during life Pre-Fiance).

Melissa brought up several very good points--
1. That he's a bastard. I'm so happy she said that aloud.

2. That he should have let her go if he had any doubts.

3. Her point that a proposal is a one time thing. He stole that from her, and I'm damn glad she told him that. When you are little, most people don't dream of 100 proposals, you dream of that one. She's been robbed of that forever.

I think she handled herself VERY well and I still don't get his reasoning.

Was he implying that she changed and that the chemistry wasn't there, or was it all his fault?

Seriously, he's SUCH an asshat prick shit.

Moving on to Molly. I genuinely like her too and I wish her the best. I think that she has strong feelings for Jason as well, but I really, really wish that she said that she did not give him another chance.

He stood there at the final rose ceremony and told her that he didn't love her and that Melissa made him much happier. Molly is a much stronger person that I am, because I couldn't get past what happened first.

So tell me--- do you believe that they never talked and/or saw each other after the finale? Several reports stated that they were talking daily and visiting each other.

It's strange that he would dump Melissa without even knowing if Molly would take him back, but at the same time, she seemed really shocked.

I need answers!!! What is your opinion? Would you take him back?

I cannot wrap my head around this.


AndreaLeigh said...

i think molly was in on this all along, personally. and i don't for one second believe he and molly haven't talked or seen each other since the finale.

Jules said...

I so agree with your point on #3. She has been robbed of that forever. Poor Melissa. I think Molly should win an Oscar for her acting and agree with Andrea that she was in on this all along. She should not have given Jason the time of day!

Sjn said...

It did seem like Molly and Jason had communicated, and Chris sure set her up for all the questions. There's another follow-up show Tuesday night, tomorrow, too... did you hear that! Gotta watch!

CIP said...

Hell no I would NOT take him've got to be kidding, I can't believe Molly didn't slap him across the face. He played them both, and Molly is just taking least Melissa had the dignity to walk away.

I'm so upset with the outcome of the show. I really thought this season was going to be different because Jason really seemed like a great guy. I was wrong :(

Nice post!

I also blogged about this todayy! <3

Whitney said...

See if I was Molly I would have NEVER taken him back! I mean, "Hello, my name is Jason Mesnick and I'm as fickle as a little girl." What the crap?!?!
He can't even make up his mind! What if tomorrow he's with Molly and then he magically decides he misses Melissa?

Island Girl said...

I would not have taken him back! I think they had to have talked before, because it's one thing to say "yeah we have a lot to talk about" blah, blah to practically making out on the couch before the show's over (very poor taste imo)

I'm so disappointed in him! I really thought he was a nice guy - oh well!

Robyn said...

Recently being dumped myself I know exactly how Molly was feeling, how hurt she must have felt thinking "why? what did I do wrong? What does she have that I don't". And then there is Melissa who got to hear what every girl who has ever been dumped hopes to hear. "I made a mistake". Ahhh! Who knew reality TV could be this :)

Great post!

Sherrie said...

I couldn't believe they let him do what he did on NATIONAL TV! I mean, come many of the other bachelors/ettes have had regrets? Did they get to say, "oops I changed my mind Chris. I want a re-do." NOOOOOO! This really makes the whole show lose credibility in my opinion. I many of them are still together, and then they go and allow this kind of crap? Give me a BREAK! And -- I didn't even watch until the Finale. LOL!