Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hump Day

I'm exhausted. Again today.  I cannot tell you how bad I wanted to stay in bed this morning.
SIDENOTE: The fiance and I share a very small bed.  A full sized bed to be exact.  When one of us can't sleep, both of us can't sleep.
Last night, the fiance was worked up because the Terps lost some basketball game.  He was tossing and turning and kindly left the bed at about midnight and headed for the couch.
Of course I love sleeping with him and want to every night, but sometimes it's nice to spread the heck out.  I slept really well last night, so well that I had NO desire to move this morning.
I had to, and I did.  I was a zombie in the shower and I somehow knocked my head while blow drying my hair.  I have a very large lump on my forehead to prove it.  All that I know is that I was blow drying my hair upside down, knocked the blow dryer on the sink, which in turn knocked my forehead.
Nothing like working when you are exhausted AND have a headache.
In other news, I watched the second After the Final Rose special last night.  There is NO redemption in my eyes.  He's still an a$$ and I still hate his guts.  Yes, I see that he's in love with Molly and that's he's happy, but I still think he's a jerk.  I like Molly, and for her sake, I hope that it works out.  However, I hope she makes him work REALLY hard for it and tortures him just a little bit. 
I do not necessarily believe that the producers put him up to this and made him choose Melissa only to dump her for Molly.  If they did, I don't see why anyone would ever agree to that.  Yes, please make me look like the biggest a$$ on television, it would be fun.  You would either have to be seriously impaired cognitively or on crack to agree to that.
I have also decided that I do not believe that Molly and Jason didn't talk and see each other when he was still with Melissa.  They looked far to smug and far too intimate to be seeing each other for the first time in a month and a half. 
Whatever, I hope that someone spills the beans someday.  I would love nothing more than to read a tell all book authored by Melissa. 


Gwen said...

LOL!!! We have a full size bed for two reasons. One our bedroom is super small and two Brian sleeps on the floor every night. He had a motorcycle accident before I met him and it hurts him to sleep in the bed and my back kills me if I sleep on the floor. It really is surprising that Ellie is with us today. {wink, wink}. But I feel your pain on sleepin with someone in a full size bed. They should really say they are just for one greedy person not two people.

Kim said...

I hear you about the full size bed...we have one too and it SUCKS! The worst part is jake told me he NEVER wants to upgrade to a queen or king because he loves being in a full bed. UMM sorry buddy, that's the first thing on my list to upgrade after we get married!!

hope your head feels better soon!

Christina said...

About the Bachelor... a couple of the ladies from the past have written books. Is it sad that I own them? I just don't understand how someone can say they weren't dishonest, when obviously Melissa didn't know the truth about how he felt. Boys...(sigh)

Mrs. S. said...

We, too, have a full sized bed. I would love to have a queen size at least, but we just don't have that much room. :(

The, this is tricky. While I don't know how things are for him, I can say that the reason I am mad is not because of WHO he picked, but because of how he went about it. Who just breaks off an engagement and then makes out with another girl a few minutes later?! On TV?! It's disgusting. Then Molly did not set a good example for any young woman by being a part of it all and doing that. It was just...sick, really.

Welp, I hope that Thursday brings more sleep and a pleasant day!!!

Christina said...

I'm so glad I'm not alone! Ha! The books give really good relationship tips and are entertaining as well.

"Nobody's Perfect" by Helene Eksterowicz and Gwen Gioia

They were on the one with the guy from the mid west, I think his family owned banks. I can't remember his name, but I can picture him...very cute :p

"Better Single Than Sorry" by Jen Schefft

She was engaged to Andrew Firestone. I ran into her about a year ago in Beverly Hills. Very nice.

I hope you enjoy them!

Jules said...

We have a queen and I wish we had a king. Hubby loves to sprawl out and it drives me crazy some nights. I hope your head feels better...ouch!

I just watched the 2nd after the rose too and agree with you 100%. I don't know what kind of idiot would let the producers talk him into doing something like that. Maybe they paid him big bucks or something.

I'd love to hear the real deal one day. I don't believe much Jason or Molly has to say. I love that Naomi and Erica stuck up for Melissa.

Jill said...

Oh my gosh... I went to NYC with 3 friends and our hotel room had 2 full beds. They are tiny! We had no choice but to spoon each other. Nice!

Robyn said...

I feel the pain for your fiance. Those terps always seem to come sooo close but then find a way to blow it. (luckily I'm a duke fan so I didn't lose any sleep over it :)

And..I totally agree with you about the bachelor stuff. I'm angry that I missed the part 2 last night. I totally forgot.