Sunday, March 1, 2009

Meeting of the Minds

So last night, my family and the fiance's family met again.

My parents wanted to talk about one dreaded thing-- the wedding budget.

As if melding two families isn't hard enough-- talking about money only makes things harder.

To say that the fiance and I were dreading last night is an understatement.

His family is loud and they know what they want. My family is loud and the know what they want (a scary mix). Things started off a little rocky, but they ended quite pleasantly!

Of course his family offered a lot of opinions (they've done this before with their daughter) and my family offered several counter opinions (they are paying for 99% of this event) but after about 1 hour of hashing out the wedding details, we were able to compromise, move on and spent the next five (YES FIVE, so it must have gone well) hours drinking, enjoying each others company, and getting to know each other.

The fiance and I spent the entire car ride home in disbelief that things went that well.

Now, if all goes well, we'll be getting 6-10 inches of snow this evening. I think that it sounds too good to be true for several reasons.

1. I despise meteorologists and think they lie.

2. Maryland has NEVER seen more than 2 inches in the 3 years that I've lived here.

I swear, the entire state goes into panic with two inches! How are they supposed to survive 6-10?

We made the mistake of visiting the grocery store this afternoon.

It's official. The state is in panic already and there isn't a snow flake in sight.

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ms. mindless said...

you are so lucky that meeting ended up so amicably!