Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Moon and Edward Cullen

I finally finished New Moon. It took me quite a bit longer than Twilight, but I got through it and I'm glad that I did. It most certainly got better towards the end.

I do have some random comments about it though,

1. Is it just me or is Charlie quite hostile (more so than ever) towards the end of this book?

2. I'm not a fan of Jacob.

3. I agree with Darth Mama and LOVED that she left months blank, to truly outline the deep depression that Bella was experiencing.

4. I love Alice. I wish that she was my best friend.

5. I'm a little disappointed that the love between Edward and Bella was not as awe inspiring at the end of this book. I remember thinking how beautiful they were together in Twilight, but I didn't feel that way when I ended New Moon.

6. I hate that I read the book after I the movie came out, because now I can only picture Edward and Bella as how I saw them in the ads for Twilight, rather than how they were originally depicted in the story.

7. I'm having dreams that I'm running around (flying) like a vampire with my family. It's a little bit disturbing.

Eclipse is due back at the library on March 13th, I need to get on it.


Darth Mama said...

You can always borrow the other two from us if you want to.

Anonymous said...

I promise that the love will get more awe inspiring as you continue reading. It left me in tears. I have read all of the Twilight series and loved it. I just finished another of Stephanie's books. It is called The Host, and I fell in love with that one too. I was in tears tonight as I finished it. I will warn you, it starts kinda slow, but I PROMISE it is great towards the middle, and that wonder never fails throughout the end!! I just hope she is working on another in to make that a series as well. :)

Darth Mama said...

Alice could easily be your vampire counterpart.

And don't even bother seeing the movie. It's terrible.

Jules said...

I love reading your comments on this book, because you're thinking some of the same things I was at the end of it. Keep reading. You will love all of it so much. I have about 30 pages left to go in Breaking Dawn. I am almost trying to drag it out, because I think I'll be sad when it's over!

Lisa said...

I totally want Alice to be my best friend, too!!! She only gets better as the series goes on.

Mrs. S. said...

This book was more of the hostile one where you might feel a little let down by some of the characters, but they get back to normal and the next book is very good.

1. I think that Charlie gets hostile because of the change in his daughter and him not understanding how to handle it. I mean, he is a single father raising a teen daughter that is now seeing some awkwardly pale boy all the time...that has to be weird for him.

2. Jacob grew on me throughout the rest of the books. I think that I hated him here because of his interference with Bella and Edward.

3. The months being blank were really good. A friend of mine and I were talking about that the other night.

4. Alice is awesome! I do love her character. She is so fun!

5. Again, this book is tricky. Don't give up on Edward and Bella. Think of it as a rough patch. :)

6. I hate picturing them like that. I tried not to watch the ads and things for the movie because I hate when I can't read without movie characters. I like my own visions better.

7. Be careful of those dreams! Haha! You might fall out of bed...tricky!

Have a great week and happy reading!

A.D. said...

New Moon was my least favorite. Book 3 and 4 are so much better. Stick with are going to love them and be sad when they are over!