Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poor HB

Sometimes I feel bad for my fiance. 
Although he doesn't complain much, I can tell that he wishes that he had just a little more man time.  Solo man time (and I don't mean that in a gross way).
The fiance works farther away than I do, so he generally leaves the house before I'm even out of bed, and I'm always home before he gets home.
It doesn't allow him much time to scratch, itch, control the remote and to do what he wants.  
I do go to jazzercise now, which allows him a little more freedom-- but I'm usually home less than 20 minutes after he is when I do go to work out.
I have tried to help him out and planned a happy hour the week before last and a dinner out with girls this week to give him some alone time.  Unfortunately, both were cancelled.  Although I do get out a little bit, I don't have many invites from people to do anything that doesn't include boys, boyfriends, or husbands. 
When I told fiance about the cancellations he handled it well, but I can tell that it's hard for him sometimes.  We ended up driving around the neighborhood, picking out houses and then went out to dinner, watched Big Love and had a fabulous night together (see, we love each other, we just need the house to ourselves sometimes). 
I'm excited because tonight we're lined up to see at least four houses with our realtor and we were able to preview them last night. 
So ladies, I must ask-- how do you handle manly alone time and similar situations? 


shortmama said...

My hubby is surrounded by females! Me, two daughters, two female dogs..the only male in the house besides him is the guinea pig. My hubby likes to go out in his garage and tinker a lot to get some time away. And then him and his good friend go out pretty much every weekend for a few hours, riding quads, shooting, hunting, anything to escape the estrogen!

Jennifer said...

My husband rarely ever has "me" time. He says he would rather be at home than anywhere else when he isn't working. The only "me" time he has is playing on the church softball league in the spring. I actually can't think of many men that do have time away. It is work and then home with the is over when you get married...hahahahaha! Just kidding...sort of;)

Sweet Carolina Bride said...

I'm kind of on your fiance's end... I work farther away than my husband, so he's usally home when I get home, but I like it that way. We're both doing really well (so far) at making sure we each continue seeing our friends. I'll go shopping and to dinner with my girlfriends or sister, and he does things with his friends. We make sure to spend as much time together as possible and do things we each want to do. So far, so good.

Love you blog by the way!

Megan said...

Hubby takes his "me time" downstairs in front of the tv,in the garage or in his "guitar slash Christmas light" room. I don't go out all that often so he's just got to figure out how to manage. But he's actually never said anything about wanting the house to himself. I, on the other hand, was just complaining about it the other day because him and his business partner (my cousin) have been doing a lot of computer work, during the day, which has been disrupting my day. For the most part, it all works out. =)

ms. mindless said...

we have a lot of alone time since he is a law student and often up until the wee hours of the morning or home in the middle of the day when i am at work. i definitely cherish my time alone and i know he does too. it makes our time together much better.