Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ya know...

I'm so dumb that I totally forgot that you could get a black tie and vest.

Like, HELLO?!?!

So did you do black tie and vest for the groom and groomsman, or did you get fancy and have the groom wear white tie and white vest?

You guys are so helpful and smart! That's why I love you all.

My heads in the gutter, but you will get to hear the good news soon. In fact, I could tell you right now but I gotta try to learn how to work a scanner first.


Jackie said...

haha, I guess I already answered your question in my last comment :)

Kids, Canines, and Chaos said...

I did hubby in a white tie/vest and the guys in pink ties/vests (the girls dresses were black). I think it would be great to do the champagne with the guys and fiance in white. OR guys in black and fiance in champagne. I like when the groom looks a little different than the other guys-- makes him stand out a bit more. Afterall, it's his special day too. :) HURRY UP WITH THE NEWS ALREADY! I'm dying to know!

Darth Mama said...

We did black tie / black vest on everyone - hubby & groomsmen.

Megan said...

We did white vest/tie, black tux. The groomsmen had navy blue vests.

Jennifer said...

My bridesmaid dresses were aubergine as well and the men wore black vests with a black button...I can't remember the formal name for that button thing...but I just personally don't like the bowtie look or the tie look so I chose buttons and I was happy:) Good luck...don't all of these little details drive ya crazy??!!

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