Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Annoying Things that I Hate to do

Annoying things that I hate to do.

1. I hate shaving my legs. Thank the sweet lord that I'm blonde or else I would never leave the house in the summer.

Why? because I don't shave nearly enough and I sure as heck won't wear a pair of long pants in the summer.

Do you know that I KNOW people that shave their legs every freakin' day. The worst part, they actually enjoy doing it.

I used to Nair them and I may need to see what kind of progress nair has made in the fragrance department. Smelling like rotten eggs may just be a little more enjoyable then slaving over a razor and shaving cream.

2. Dusting. Dusting is so annoying. Lucky for me, I live in an apartment that accumulates dust at record speed. The fact that I'm moving soon does not encourage me to dust.

That is not a good thing. My cats are turning gray.

3. Our coffee table. Obviously I'm not "doing" the coffee table, but I'm SO over having it in my house. We bought it last August and we were in love. It has two glass inlays. Two glass inlays + one fiance that insists on eating in front of the T.V. = stains on the glass AND dust (see #2) on the daily.

It came with two matching end tables.

Do you know what kind of equation that makes?

2 end tables is > 1 coffee table = even more grossness


Molly said...

I shave every day. I. Hate. It. I have very dark brown hair so you can imagine the lovely ape legs I have if I skip a day. I should try the nair.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! I love this post! I hate to dust too, even though I have allergies, I don't dust as often as I should. I am one of those lucky girls that has to shave everyday, but I do not enjoy it.

Jill said...

Ha Ha... I can't stand dusting either. Ugh...

ACH said...

Nair no longer smells like rotten eggs, but I'm not sure that the current scents (nasty "fruit" and nasty "aloe") are much better. However, it IS better than shaving your legs all the time. Ugh. I hate shaving.

A.D. said...

This sounds just like me. I HATE shaving my legs and try to go as long as I possibly can without doing it. Sometimes, I just shave the part of my leg that is going to show...I know, LAZY!
AND, I have glass tables and hate dusting too. They always have tons of dust, smudges, and little kitty paw prints on them. I am so ready to get rid of them and get new ones!

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