Friday, April 24, 2009

The Loft

More recently, I've been thinking that they need to change the name Ann Taylor Loft to Ann Taylor Hizo.

I swear, their dresses are NOT work appropriate anymore.

I'm not a particularly tall girl and my ass hangs out of every dress this season.

Don't even get me started on their shirts. One trip through the dryer and they look like the half shirts I was wearing in 1990.

What happened to my favorite store?


Christina said...

I don't like all the new "brands" they're caring at Loft, like Trulli and whatever. I shop at Loft because I like Loft clothes - but, you're right, the quality is decreasing.

Darth Mama said...

I totally agree! I thought it was just me! There is something off with that place lately. I went in a few months ago and had a hard time finding anything that I actually liked aside from some T-Shirts. And it really does seem like the quality is going down hill a little bit. What is going on with them?

Robyn said...

lol...i'm a big fan of Ann Taylor too. Some things I find fit me perfectly and then others I find in the same exact size and try on and I'm thinking oh way!

Kayce said...

Hilarious. And I totally agree!