Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Man Cave

Whoever invented the man cave should be shot.

(hmm.. does this sound vaguely familiar to when I moved into this apartment)........

The fiance feels as though because we found a house with a basement, he should obviously have a man cave. His reasoning-- I get the whole rest of the house.

I don't really follow his logic. Just because I'm the primary decorator, doesn't mean that I get the whole rest of the house. If I had things my way, our house would be pink, purple and full of toile. I'm at least considering his thoughts/feelings before picking out paint.

So his plan (actually obsession, he's sent me 3243247239432 pictures of man caves today alone) is to turn our nice, beautiful basement into a a tacky, redskins room.

Talk about the resale of a redskins room...

He doesn't understand why I'm not all about it. Perhaps because I don't want him to end up looking like that (see above) and ruining my beautiful new house.

One second.

I'm back. It was shithead the fiance reminding me to look at his latest man cave article.

Shoot me.


Christina said...

LOL good luck with that!

Nora said...

Let me tell you that K has a patriots "man town" and my brother in law has one too, complete with a Wii and play station!

Jackie said...

My husband wants a study with dark wood and lots of leather bound books. So strange.

The Man-Cave said...

Your post has me laughing hysterically!! Man Caves are important...and yes, you get to decorate the whole rest of the house.

I am proud to say that my Man Cave is among the more classier of man Caves. I am also proud to say that my Man Cave has inspired my own blog (not to advertise, but just for proof)

Ashley said...

Jeff.. trust me, my fiance has visited your site several times.