Monday, April 13, 2009

My First Place

You've got to be kidding me?!?!

I'm watching My First Place on HGTV right now.

A couple is buying a huge freakin' house in Atlanta for $238,500. I think I might either pee my pants of move to Atlanta IMMEDIATELY.

I am in shock. I am so jealous.

I am also from Washington D.C. and before that Boston, where you can't buy a shack for under 250,000


Stephanie said...

I can guarantee you it isn't actually in Atlanta. "Atlanta" usually means the city and the 5 surrounding counties.

A 1,000 sq ft condo costs more than $250,000 in the city.

Those shows are so misleading, because they let those people say they live in ATL. Just like Real Housewives of Atlanta...none of them actually live in the city...all suburbs.

Nora said...

So true! Anywhere here in lovely ole' MA is too much for me!

Jackie said...

Reason #2 why I want to move back to NC. Housing is SOOOOO much cheaper than this area.

Kayce said...

Wish we could've afforded that for our first house! I'm kind of jealous too!

Lis said...

Ugh I hate that show! The hubby and I lived in Arlington for about 4 years after college. We moved to Virginia Beach a couple years ago but guess what - we still didn't get anything close to huge new house and we paid WAY more than that... so sad!

Kim said...

ok, I was watching the same episode. Those people pissed me they were like 'I guess we can "settle" for that 2nd house since it's $100K less!" and the 2nd house was gorgeous, huge and CHEAP! I can't believe they were even considering the first one since it was so much more over their budget!

I wanted to tell them to move up to the DC area and see what sort of crappy ass townhouse they can buy for $300K here.

I told jake i was mad that we didn't apply for that show, because I want HGTV to re-do a room in our house for free. boo.

Susan said...

SoCal has the same problems. One can barely buy a condo in San Diego for that.. much less a huge house. You have to get pretty far out in order to buy in that price range. Crazy.

Sherrie said...

Real estate may be cheaper down here...but that doesn't mean that life is nearly as exciting. LOL! :)

Me in Memphis said...

I watch those shows religiously. It seems like the couples are on opposite ends of the spectrum - either they are buying a first home for like $600k, or for $100k. So, either it's completely unrealistic for normal people who aren't rich, or they're buying in the middle of a crack neighborhood. Not sure which is better. :)