Friday, April 17, 2009


riku's wedding dress Pictures, Images and Photos

(not my dress)

Six months until we tie the knot!

Should I be stressed? Because I'm totally not.


Molly said...

No, you shouldn't! I was calm as a cuke until I walked down the aisle! :)

Anonymous said...

No...I was under control until the day before when the tent people didn't show up! But everything worked out perfectly in the end, so no reason to worry at all!

Kayce said...

No, you definitely should not be. Save all the stress for the day of. HA! I am 5 months away and totally am not stressed at all either, what a GREAT feeling, huh? I probably won't be saying that a week from the wedding though. HA!

Jules said...

I think it's great that you're not stressed and you should stay that way. It is a celebration and something to look forward to, so that is great that you're feeling good :)

Stephanie said...

I managed to got get stressed out the entire time...including the big day.

I juts couldn't seem to get worked up over anything except being so excited to walk down the aisle! ...and we had a few things go wrong on the day of, and I just laughed them off.

PinkSass said...

Love that you aren't stressed!