Thursday, April 2, 2009

Snap & Tux

Snap has been (knock on wood) drool free for approximately 24 hours!

I'm over the moon about that.

Unfortunately, Sage has been avoiding and hissing at Snap for approximately 48 hours.

I'm not psyched about that -- from now on, if one goes to the vet, the other comes along for the ride.

In regards to the tuxes............

The Mr. will be wearing an ivory vest and tie and the groomsman will be wearing a black vest and tie.

The Mr. is still complaining that they'll look like waiters.

The Mrs. doesn't really care what the Mr. thinks about tuxes. =]


Gwen said...

Jealous kitties. LOL!!! Yay for you on not caring about tux choices either. Gaining control now is the first step. Totally kidding of course (maybe). XOXO

Mrs. S. said...

Glad to hear that Snap is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

One of my cats ultimately gets pissed when the other one goes to the vet. Why is that?