Monday, April 6, 2009

Vice Part 2

Thanks for all the feedback so far...

I may try diet, but whenever I eat anything "light" or "diet" i.e. with artificial sweeteners, I get dizzy, feel faint and become nauseous.

My doctor thinks that I may be allergic, but maybe I'll try it again since it's been awhile.


Shaina said...

My advice...don't do it! Don't give in! I know that everyone drinks diet sodas to cut the calories, but the thing is...artificial sweeteners are just so bad for you. Bad bad bad! :) I would much rather drink a full-calorie soda and try to limit my consumption rather than switch to diet. That is my advice! :)

Sherrie said...

Have you tried the "zero" sodas? We switched from Diet to those, and they aren't bad...much closer to the "real" taste.

And -- yes, I's all bad for me...artificial sweeteners and all.