Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well WHAT do you know?

Remember that cold that I had last week?

Well it definitely sucked, but I felt like I was going to survive come Sunday.

Since Sunday, I have had a lingering cough and my ears feel a little weird and are all pop-py and stuff, but I've at least been able to survive on 8 hours of sleep and function like a normal person.

Today, I had a little more, ahem, snot (sorry) than usual. I literally blew my nose for a good half hour this morning. While I was blowing my nose, my ear drums were blowing and popping right along with them.

Hmm I thought to myself. That' s a little strange.

They kept feeling a little weird and painful all day.

I decided that although I technically feel fine, maybe I'd stop off at the doctors on my way home just to check things out (cause I don't sound good, regardless of my feeling okay).

Well, the doctor kinda offended me.

She took one look in my ears and was appalled. She was all like "oh my gosh, your ears are so bad. You are about to pop. OH my gosh, your ears are the worst I've seen in awhile."

Okay lady, I get it. Don't offend my ears. They are sensitive.

I asked her if I had an ear infection and she looked at me like I had three heads. She said, "your ears are awful, seriously terrible AND you have a sinus infection."

Like I'm supposed to know what an ear infection feels like. I haven't knowingly had one since I was about 3. Plus, despite four colds a year, I've never had a sinus infection before. Oh wait, I've probably been having both of these problems all along and never knew it. Oh snap.

She put me on horse pills. Seriously, these things are bigger than a quarter. She said she wasn't going to screw around with a low dose because.....

you guessed it...




My ears are SO bad.

In other news, this is really going to interfere with my plans for tomorrow night (which included a glass of wine).

Hypothetically, can one drink on antibiotics?


Lis said...

Oh no!!! I hope you feel better asap!!

And I hate it when Doctors say stuff like that - seriously I'm already here - don't make me feel worse!

Darth Mama said...
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Jackie said...

I hate when people say stuff like that. I literally want to smack them. It's like yes, I get it. You don't need to keep saying it 901437908 times.

And you can drink wine when on antibiotics...if you want babies. Haha.

Bethany said...

I hope you feel better soon! I'm sorry the doctor was so mean....I was beginning to think I had a sinus infection last week, but after three days off work (at a school!) it finally cleared up. Whew.

AndreaLeigh said...

you need to get a neti pot. not the sexiest thing but it works wonders.