Sunday, May 17, 2009


It needs to be updated. I never look at it now that Google Reader has come into my life.

If you follow/read and want to be added leave me a comment! I would love to follow/add you and share the blog love.


... said...

I'm pretty sure you follow me, and I follow you :)

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Ooh, I do follow you! I love reading your blog!

shortmama said...

I follow and read!

Sherrie said...

Why of course I want you to keep reading my blog. LOL! Seriously...what is this google reader I keep hearing about? I must be behind in the times b/c I still use my blogroll. LOL!

Becky said...

I follow you through my google reader!

Bethany said...

I read your blog! Usually through Google Reader but I'm an official "follower" too! :)

ACH said...

I've been "following" you through Mac Mail for a while now, but now I"m an official follower, too! I'd love to be on the BlogRoll!

Anonymous said...

I've been following for close to 2 months now. You can follow me if you like. I certainly love comments.

Lins said...

You are in good company on my Google Reader...stop by my place any time! :)

Lins @

Anonymous said...

You follow me and I follow you!

Wifer said...

Please keep reading me!! I promise to update regularly in the future:-)

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