Sunday, May 17, 2009

Get On It

I have been SLAAAACKING on the wedding front.

Seriously, aside from the videographer meeting on Thursday (oh, and the fact that someone bought us our entire set of pots/pans off of our registry-yay), I have not even remotely considered my wedding in the last two months.

I need to get on it.

I need a cake, a DJ song list (seriously, send me your suggestions), transportation, a meeting with our priest (lord knows if our wedding is still on the books-- we haven't heard from him since last November) and a diet.

The countdown is officially on. Today marks the exactly five months away mark. =]


Mrs. S. said...

Good luck getting it all done! I searched for wedding song ideas online. I liked ones that weren't the typical songs though, so my hubby sat down with me and we used his fun knowledge of music to pick out fun songs.

Nora said...

My sis used trolleys for transportation, very fun!

Shaina said...

It's okay! Don't worry, it will all come together. I was a total slacker for my wedding planning and everything turned out just beautifully! :)