Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wallpaper Woes

Are you wondering what we've been up to?

(if you're my facebook friend-- sorry, this is old news)

Here's what we were working with when we moved in.

Most of the house is in great shape (new carpet, newer appliances, newer kitchen, newer hardwoods), but the dining room was a disaster. Okay fine, maybe not a disaster, but so not my taste.

This picture was taken during our inspection. The blue is a little too much, the wall paper is a little too country, and what was UP with the do it yourself stained glass window job?

We moved in on Friday, and started this (see below) on Saturday.

It took for-freakin-ever. I hate wallpaper. I've officially told the fiance that if we ever move, I will refuse to buy a house with wallpaper. I can't do that again.

It was so frustrating, I had to take matters into my own hands.

Our progress after several hours. UGH.

And here is how it looked as of Monday night (yay, finally)!

Pretty darn nice if I do say so myself....

Over the course of a few days we...
- tore down all wallpaper
- patched all the holes that were due to the wallpaper
- replaced the light fixture (the other one was AWFUL)
- Painted all of the tragic furniture that the seller left white-- it looks fab now.
- Removed all of the green triangles from the stained glass window (I still want the clear part, it helps with privacy)

That's all we've got for now, but I'll keep you posted on the Almost Newlywed 2009 Remodel. =]

Future plans include a paint job!

We've actually already painted below the chair rail, but we're waiting for the drywall to dry before we take on the top.


Lexilooo said...

I love the blue and white walls!

Molly said...

looks great! stripping wallpaper might be the worst job ever.

Gwen said...

It will so be worth it in the end!!! Can't wait to see the finished room!!! XOXO

Kayce said...

I, too, HATE wallpaper. We had one room with it when we moved in and we painted right over it. We put primer on first and painted over it. I refused to tear down as much wallpaper as they had up - ridiculous! Never again will we buy a house with anything wallpapered.

What you did so far looks great - I love the white table! So cute!! I got your email. Your gift will be coming sometime next week! = )

Jules said...

It's coming along so well, Ashley! I love your drinking hat and the new light fixture.

I'm so happy you're in the house and getting things done :)

Christen said...

Wow! That looks amazing!! I love the chandelier and the fresh blue color!!

Christen said...

P.S. The person who had our house before us LOVED wallpaper border. It was in every room (floral, ducks, parachutes- you name the print, she used it!) I wish I had had a beer hat when I was taking down all that - ha ha!

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