Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh Snap. We finally decided to get off our butts and paint the living room and we ran out of paint midway.

Those cans may claim to cover a 400 square foot room, but they are full of it. We managed to get one and a half coats on the walls. Guess who's going to Home Depot tomorrow for more?

Now on to my Grace in Small Things:

1. Last day with kids at school #2-- that's niiiice.

2. The living room is almost painted and the hard part is finished. The second coat is the easy part.

3. I'm taking tomorrow off because my mom is coming up for my second wedding dress fitting. I can't wait to get back in it!

4. Despite working hard at work and on the house, I managed to make a really yummy dinner tonight- Buffalo Chicken Meat Loaf. The fiance loved it.


Becky said...

I can't wait to see pictures of the freshly painting living room!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for photos! Could you give me the recipe for that meat loaf? It sounds yummy.

Kayce said...

Buffalo Chicken Meat Loaf? Sounds delish! Like something my fiance would love. Sounds like the house is coming along - congrats! Your alcohol is coming soon . . . I'm waiting until you REALLY need it. HA!

lml said...

Buffalo Chicken Meat Loaf sounds amazing! Feel like sharing the recipe? Pretty please!