Monday, June 15, 2009


I decided to go ahead and paint the rest of the room the offending color since it was 3/4 of the way finished. This way I can live with it for a little bit to see what I think.

The fiance has changed his tune and likes the color now. I can't decide if it's growing on him, or if he's just lazy and doesn't want to deal with repainting (I know it's that one- he wanted to leave it white to begin with).

I really like it about 65% of the time. In fact, if I didn't have two friends that brought up the topic of a baby boy's room at the mention of light blue, I probably would have loved it.

I think that part of the problem is our current decor. We're rocking a navy and yellow bed spread and it just doesn't jive with the light blue. I wasn't intending on it working out together either. We've decided to upgrade to a king and we registered for new sheets (that work perfectly with the blue) on our wedding registry. The problem is, we won't be getting anything off of that for four more months.

Decisions, Decisions.


1. I took the day off and I slept in!

2. I cleaned the whole house, made dinner, went grocery shopping, spent an hour at the pool AND managed to paint an entire room myself. Plus, I had time to spare.

3. I rock at life lately.

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Kim said...

i think you will grow to love the blue. once you get new bedding and put some pictures up on the wall, it won't be as bright. I've had that same reaction at almost every color we've picked, but they've all grown on me.

and i hear you about waiting to get all the registry items...I'm going crazy!! we're upgrading our bed too and I really just want all the stuff now so we can get it all set up. i hate waiting!