Sunday, June 28, 2009


1. We spent another 91 bucks on the house yesterday, but we managed to buy spray paint, white paint for the trim, new knobs for the corner cabinet, flowers, mulch, top soil, grass seed, border, a garden hose and other small things. It was yard work day and the place is looking better already. We cut down two trees that were blocking our windows (oh yes, we bought an ax too), raked up all of the old junky mulch, created a new border, applied new mulch and planted some new flowers. We also put top soil all over our lawn and are going to try to grow new grass. We'll see how that goes.

2. Our first meal on our new charcoal grill. We had chicken and shrimp kabobs and they were FABULOUS!


Mrs. S. said...

Having a house does mean spending some cash...we are in the middle of that right now! It sounds like you got so much done!

Anonymous said...

You got a lot for $90!