Friday, June 26, 2009

About Me

I'm starting to develop wedding anxiety and I hope it was only a one time thing. Two nights ago I started worrying about my walk down the aisle (we're at the 3 month, 3 week mark). I love my fiance and I can't wait to marry him, but I do NOT want to walk down the aisle. I just know that I'll be the bride that falls, passes out or pukes. Clearly, I spent the next two hours laying in bed with my head spinning.

The cure-- 1 xanax. It works every time. Here's hoping that's the last bit of wedding anxiety for awhile.

In other news, a group of four of us decided to start up with our tennis lessons again yesterday. I had a lot of fun, but honestly-- who signs up to play tennis outside during the summer? We do. I came home drenched in sweat. Not attractive. You don't know humidity until you experience a Maryland summer.


1. You saw my house post, I love it!

2. A great lunch out with the girls

3. Despite the sweat, a fabulous tennis lesson.


Anonymous said...

Oh gosh...the humidity in Alabama is incredible! 57% humidity as we speak, and it's only 10:00 and 88 degrees (although it feels like 93...)

Unknown said...

I hear you. I thought about taking 1/2 xanax just in case I was anxious that day and I thought better of it. I'm so glad I didn't. I was excited, but calm once it was time. Just try to grab a minute absolutely to yourself in front of a mirror. Take in your whole dress, everything, then go back to your bridal party & head for the aisle. It really does wonders.

Darth Mama said...

Tell your dad to say something funny right as you start to head down the aisle. My dad did that - unexpectedly, so there may be a little difference - and it worked like a charm. He was just as nervous as me as I'm sure your dad will be. My dad turned to me and said "So when we get down there I shake your hand and kiss him, right?" Totally did the trick. lol!