Monday, June 22, 2009

John & Kate + the Mistress

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Honestly, I could care less if John and Kate stayed married or get a divorce. Yes, they should probably stay together for the kids (or at least try to work it out) and Yes, they seem miserable with each other and are a poor example of a loving relationship and they should get a divorce.

Regardless of what they do, I'm wondering why they went through that whole wedding vow renewal not even a year ago?!?! I wasted an hour of my life watching that program where they swore up and down to yours, mine, and their god that they would do whatever they could to stay together. If my memory serves me well, Kate specifically said that they were renewing their vows to show their kids that they will NEVER break up.

Ha, maybe she was drunk when she said that?

Anyways, I do feel bad for the kids. Especially because throughout the years John and Kate have single handedly ruined their relationships with both sets of grandparents, both sets of siblings, and all of their old friends (beth, jodi etc.). Who are the parents going to turn to?

On another note-- I think John's an ass, but since when did Kate start wearing mini skirts and 4 inch heels whenever she left the house? She looks more and more tramp-ish by the episode.


1. My Monday! Can you believe it?!?!?-- I enjoyed a Monday at work. Tis true, I am loving life in the summer.

2. A little sun and a little work out.

3. A phenomenal dinner-- I'll post the recipe soon.


Jackie said...

I found this blog supposedly is written by Aunt Jodi or someone close to her. It explains one theory behind the wedding!

~Mrs. Guru~ said...

I had to stop watching that show because I think they are being fake. It makes me sad to see people act that way.

Anonymous said...

I am so tired of hearing about Jon and Kate and their issues. It's really getting old.

Anonymous said...

I watched last night. I think he's ready to be a single guy. She seems like she wants to work on things, but he doesn't. Oh well!

Megan said...

Yeah, wasn't that vow renewal like...6 months ago? Short memories, those reality tv people.

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