Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tooting the House Horn

(this is a positive post, b/c I'm being positive and upbeat, lightening is going to strike my dining room any second now).
I am really proud of our house buying skills.  The fiance and I are both head over heels in love with our new place and I've gotta say that I think that we were pretty smart shoppers.  Although we've put a little sweat (no tears) into our house and we have made several (almost free) improvements, we haven't had to invest much more than 200 bucks into our new place so far.
Can you believe it? We've lived here for over one month and we've only spent 200 bucks on our house? It's true-- and I'm over the moon proud of ourselves. 
The run down--
80 bucks on paint
80 bucks on a new patio table for outside
20 bucks on flowers
30 bucks on bamboo blinds
We have a few to-dos on the list, but we are in no rush and they are all relatively inexpensive fixes.   I'm going to assume that we're going to need to replace the hot water heater and the heat pump (both fifteen years old) but for now they're working very well.  We may replace them anyways with the new tax credit and we're prepared for that. 
My one big fear about moving was moving to the burbs (we moved out of our beloved Annapolis).  I'm also happy to report that I love, love, love the suburbs and I'm head over heels in love with my new town. 
I was a little worried about moving away from the hustle, bustle and obviously the bars.. to be honest, I haven't really missed it.  Maybe we've grown up, but nowadays we're more into happy hour.  The bonus, new town has even better happy hours then old town.  Plus, we have several friends that live within a mile so we still have people to join us out.
Another thing that I love-- the town in general.  There are walking trails and there are always people out and out.  There are ponds, white picket fences, and just an overall sense of community.  I smile every time I pull onto my street and when I'm driving throughout town.
It feels like home. 


~Mrs. Guru~ said...

So glad you like your new home! So exciting!

Unknown said...

What a sweet post. Happy to hear you are having a good time :-)