Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Closets!!

Because it seems to blow some people away, I'll elaborate.

It's true, we have ten closets.. and it was one of the perks that helped us decide on this townhouse.

We have a GIANT walk in closet in our bedroom. Giant by town house means, not by an I live in a 4000 square foot house with a master suite means. Although I don't have exact measurements, I'd guess that it's about 7 ft x 4 ft. The pathetic part-- my clothes barely fit in there. We may actually turn this closet into a second bathroom in the future.

We also have a second closet in our bedroom, which I allow the fiance to use. =] It looks like a normal closet on the outside, but it's actually quite deep! BONUS.

In the spare bedroom we have another two closets, and a large linen closet in the hallway rounds out the upstairs.

On the main floor we're lucky enough to have a coat closet in the hallway and a pantry closet!

In the basement, we have three more utility closets.

The ridiculous part-- we're almost at capacity. I need to sift through my stuff. Pronto.