Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Fourth Ya'll!

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I love the Fourth of July! Growing up, it was always one of my favorite holidays. My parents always went all out, we always had parties and I always ate lobster. What's not to love about a holiday spent in the sun, in a bathing suit, while eating a ridiculous amount of cheeseburgers.

Granted this year was far more low key (and I've decided that I must have a party next year since the only parties we're invited to are the ones that we have ourselves =]), we had a great time.

We relaxed like I've never relaxed before. We spent Friday at the pool with my friend Alli and her husband. At around 6pm, we decided that we were sick of the pool and threw together an impromptu BBQ at my place. I tried my luck and texted Lori from my mid-mid life crisis and she and her husband were able to come by to join us for some food.

In fact, our convo went something like this:

Ashley: We're grilling and drinking beers in our sweats so hurry and come over.
Lori: Seriously, that sounds ahhhhhhhhmazing

It was.

On Saturday our pool had a big BBQ and we spent approximately 7 hours lounging around the pool (don't worry, I wear SPF). After the pool, we went to Alli's house for an impromptu BBQ. I literally ate a cheeseburger for every meal this weekend. Although I didn't get the lobster that I was accustomed too throughout my childhood, you know that I at least enjoyed some crab legs.

Considering the fact that we had no plans at the start of the weekend, things turned out pretty well and I had a fabulous holiday. I hope you did too!

(All of the above also count for my grace in small things 45, 46 & 47- I think I can bend the rules when the whole weekend was fabulous)