Wednesday, August 19, 2009

59 Days!

Our invitations went out last Monday/Tuesday. This is it, it's really happening. =]

We've already received at least 20 R.S.V.P. cards back!

Being the Martha Stewart wannabe that I am, I took the Semi-Homemade DIY route with my invitations. The invitations themselves were from Michaels and we spent all of 60 bucks (after major coupons) for 120 invitations. I did splurge a little more and spent about 20 bucks on extra outside envelopes.

It was a bit more labor intensive then buying them from a stationer-- we had to glue every piece together, print every word, and tie every bow, but we've received many compliments already and I think they came out wonderfully. I even added my own personal touch by doing all of the addressing myself the old fashioned way-- with pen and paper.

The addressing was tough, because calligrapher I am not. It took approximately 3 full epsiodes of So you Think you can Dance to finish up, but we did it and I'm so proud of our work!


Kayce said...

Yay! Hard work always pays off. Did you take any pictures?

Anonymous said...

DIY all the way! They're more personal and original that way...we ordered ours, tied our own ribbons around them, and addressed them ourselves (or And almost everything else we did was DIY...programs and all!