Friday, August 14, 2009


Let me just tell you that I am blessed to have some of the most phenomenal people in my life. I had a fabulous birthday and this one will go down in the record books.

How did my day go?

1. I took the day off of work (things are already looking good).

2. I wake up to find that the entire house was decorated by the fiance before he left for work at 5am (Seriously, am I a lucky girl or what)? There were balloons everywhere, banners, multicolored paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling fans etc. He's seriously amazing.

3. After living without A.C. for the week-- it was fixed that morning.

4. My friends Kristin and Mari met me for lunch and treated me to a phenomenal Greek salad. Mari made cake and I was able to enjoy a midday treat.

2. My friends Kristin and Noelle hit up the pool with me for 3 blissful hours of sun.

3. After the pool-- Alli met Kristin and I for manicures and pedicures (I wanted to get both since my bridal shower is tomorrow)!

4. After the spa, I found the fiance at home, took a quick shower, and headed to happy hour for a drink.

5. After happy hour I spent the evening with 1 hot fiance, 20 wings, 26 steamed shrimp (Baltimore style), a pitcher of beer, and the first Steelers game of the season (PERFECT TIMING).

I had a fabulously special day! I wish everyday was a birthday. Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!