Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday, Monday

WELL... I didn't get many questions, but I got a few, so of course I need to answer them.

Starting, now!

Why did you start blogging? and What does fiance think of your blogging? Does he read?

Well, I'm not really sure why I started blogging. Mostly because I like talking about myself and I was super sick and bored one weekend. When you quarantine yourself at home, you need to find creative ways to interact with others.

The fiance does know about my blogging and he tunes in a few times a week. To be honest, although he reads my blog, he rarely comments and never brings it up at home. In other words, I have on idea what he thinks.

my question is hows the new place goin u guys all settled in nicely? i loved what u did with ur dinning room! And the Hutch is super cute!

The new place is fabulous and we both love owning a home so far. We haven't done too much to the house in recent months (besides the dining room overhaul), but we're taking our time. Luckily, the house doesn't need a ton of work which is part of the reason why we bought it.

Our current house related gripe-- the faulty HVAC system. It's currently 105 outside and it's hotter than H.E.L.L.O. up in here.

Any good plans for the weekend??

Well, this past weekend was a busy, yet relaxing one. On Friday I watched The Uninvited with the fiance and went out for Mexican. On Saturday we woke up, met with our priest regarding the ceremony, bought a car (ehhh!), and dropped off my engagement ring so that the jeweler can match up the diamonds in my wedding band. On Sunday we headed to the pool for several hours and then hit up a matinee showing of The Hangover.

My question: what's it like living on the east coast? I want to move there so bad, but have only visited DC for 3 days.

Of course I'm totally biased, but I love love love living on the east coast. I've actually lived in 14 states, and all but three were situated on the Eastern Seaboard. Unfortunately, the three that weren't on the East coast were land locked, so I have no idea what it's like to live on the West Coast.

What do I love about the D.C. area?-- you're in the center of everything. You're never more than an hour away from water or an hour away from at least 1 (sometimes two) major cities, and the crabs are to die for. Oh, the weather doesn't suck either (except for today).

question: if you had a life do-over, what is one major thing you would change?

Please forgive me if you are from Massachusetts, but if I had a do-over I would have left Boston at least 3 years earlier than I did (I lived there for 7 years during college and grad school). In my opinion it was cold, dreary, full of Birkenstocks and wool socks, and I just didn't enjoy living there at all. In my experience it's hard to make friends in Massachusetts and my time there may have held me back a bit.

Do you have a burning question? Ask away......

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~Mrs. Guru~ said...

Love the questions! Are you guys wanting kids and if so how many?