Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dancing Shoes?

The first dance.
It's an interesting subject.  We've got our song-- Keith Urban, obvi.
We just don't know how to dance to it.
Several months ago, we decided that wanted to choreograph a crazy first dance (you know what I mean, you've seen them on you tube). 
Now that we're closer to the wedding-- I have no time to choreograph and I know myself--  I'd be fretting and freaking out about the dance until it happened.
I can picture myself zoning out the priest, while counting eight steps in my head.
What's more important on my wedding day?
Putting on a show or remembering the moment.
The attention whore in me wants to put on a show, but the anxious side of me doesn't think that it's worth all of the trouble. 
So, since we're probably going with the regular, yet romantic first dance-- did you take lessons beforehand?
We're fine when it comes to dancing crazy, but neither of us know how to slow dance. 
Weigh in, please!


Jaime said...

we took lessons....it was kind of ridiculous and fun. a little pricey though.....they usually do a nice little dance for you though and makes it less scary.

Patty Ann said...

i'm in the same position although I think we may take lessons. and i love breakout dances.

Sarahviz said...

We took lessons. And I absolutely forgot every single thing I learned as soon as I got out there. It soooo wasn't worth the money.

Kayce said...

We are in this same exact situation. We're just going to slow dance and be ourselves. We're getting married in something like 23 days and we just don't have the time nor the money to go take dance lessons. We're going to dance to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love" and I'm sure it will all be just fine. We're going to invite our guests to come join us on the dance floor about half-way through the song.