Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Still Shredding

Can you believe it?!?! 
I'm still getting my "shred" on daily.
I'm also still fat.
No progress yet, but my endurance has improved greatly.  We hit the ten day mark and switch to level 2 on Friday.
Here's hoping that the pounds just melt off.
I'm getting married in 38 days.  Someone send me a checklist to make sure that I've got it all covered. =] 


Classy Fab Sarah said...

YOU GO GIRL!! I am still hanging in there and I can't believe it either.

From my first round with the shred, I think it was about 2 weeks before I started seeing results.

I too am feeling my endurance get better and better... so I'm hoping that leads to results soon!

Stick with it... I know it doesn't get much easier but I swear when I did it last time (and I didn't even finish) people started asking how I was toning up.

We can do it!

Patty Ann said...

i'm with you sister. my day is in 88 days though and I keep poppin the peanut butter cups.

Anonymous said...

How exciting!!!

I am getting married Oct 9th. When is your big day?

Life, interrupted said...

keep with it!! yay!

as far as the checklist... I really would be happy to send you one

and I have an itinerary that was passed out to my entire wedding party that I could show you too!

but I don't see your email anywhere... mine is if you want me to send you those things!!

best wishes to the bride to be!!

Life, interrupted said...

apparently I am dumb... there is your email on the right side bar... I am going to send you those items whether you want them or not... haha :)

Bethany said...

Great going! I began shredding this past summer but once I went on vacation it all went kaploot and I haven't started up again. I really should...