Monday, October 12, 2009

Poor John

Once upon a time a bride had a brother that broke up with his live in girlfriend.

The ex live in girlfriend took all of brother's stuff.

Future bride thought-- we'll, I'll be a good sister and give brother ALL of my old kitchen stuff including her silverware, (anticipating that she would be getting some new things soon).

Future bride had a bridal shower and got more than she could have imagined (seriously, above and beyond)- except for silverware.

Future husband wonders why we have no silverware, like ever.

How was future bride supposed to know that silverware is an undesirable registry item?

Can you believe that we've been eating off plastic since June?

Ha. Whatever-- it was worth it to keep brother smiling.

I know where our wedding money is going!


Anonymous said...

You are a very nice sister.

Wifer said...

You are the greatest sister! I got my silverware but I didn't get our towels. My MIL found "better" towels so she suggested those "better" towels to her sisters. Yep

Mrs. S. said...

What a great sister thing to do!