Friday, November 13, 2009

..And Going..

After four days at the pool and drinking frozen drinks-- we decided to get out there and take a boat tour of the island. We weren't total bums before the boat tour, though. Sandals provides hundreds of couples activities each day and we participated in quite a few. Of course my husband forced me to participate in the couples beer pong tournament, and we also participated in some couples contests, water polo, beach volleyball etc.

But back to the boat tour-- the boat tour circled the entire island while we laid back, relaxed and enjoyed the sights.

The boat ride was a blast-- and it helped that they served rum punch to liven up the mood.

After a few hour tour, we stopped on a private island to snorkel and to eat lunch. Oh my gosh- that lunch was one of the best we've ever had. It was only pasta salad, jerk chicken and rice/lentils but it was phenomenal.

A few more couple pics...

We were looking quite tan by this point!

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