Monday, November 2, 2009

We did not plan for this!

So I'm a little type A.
.....or maybe a lot.
Whatevs, regardless....
I (with the guidance of others) designed the most fabulous wedding spreadsheet (toot, toot).
This one spreadsheet contained every wedding guest related detail that one could want.   It has the name of every guest and a ton of additional details.  It has a spot to list the guest and any/all engagement, shower, and/or wedding presents that were sent to us.  Next to that, there is a place to check off and date when the thank-you was sent (I get satisfaction out of that feature). 
Unfortunately, there is one thing that the wedding spreadsheet cannot account for....
The card we got with cash, but no signature.
The card says, "I am so happy for you" so we're assuming that it's from a single friend-- but we can't even be sure of that.  I'm married and I sometimes write "I" instead of "we" by accident.
I tried to run through the spreadsheet to try to determine who it could be, but we can't even figure it out yet.
I feel so guilty.


Anonymous said...

Nahhh...don't feel guilty. I got several gifts from people, and I am still not sure where they came from! I didn't have anyone mad at me afterwards for not getting a thank you, so no worries!

Anonymous said...

There's not much you can do without a signature. Maybe they wanted it that way?